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History of the St. Petersburg Woman’s Club,
site of the Snell Isle—Old Northeast Home Show.

   The St Petersburg Woman’s Club is an outstanding historic waterfront landmark and was founded in 1913 by 14 chartered members. The members began to organize fund raisers to purchase property for a “dream clubhouse” In 1928, C. Perry Snell, founder and developer of Snell Island, DONATED two lots on the island (which at that time, was just being developed). After a great deal of debate, the property was finally accepted by the St. Petersburg Woman’s Club. It seems that club members were concerned because the property was “in the jungle & was in an isolated spot.” Additionally it was beyond the street-car line and was reachable only by a rickety one-lane wooden bridge.
   By 1929 the building fund had reached over $!6,000, and members began plans to build. The architects Jonsberg and Wakeling designed a Mediterranean Revival style building, and The Eric Clauson Construction Company constructed the clubhouse. The cost of construction and furnishings totaled $34, 282.22, an impressive sum in those days. Club members immediately began working on the city to build a new bridge over the bayou.
   The bridge was officially opened in 1931, and C. Perry Snell presided over the celebration. In 1989, the St Petersburg Woman’s Club was placed on the Local Historic Landmark Register, and in 1993 it became a State Historic Landmark. Finally, in 1994, it was proudly put on the National Historic Register. The bridge was rebuilt in 1995 in the same style as the original.

Bridge photo

St. Petersburg Women's Club Old Northeast Plaza Golf Course Old Northeast home

Snell Isle - Old NorthEast Home Show

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