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Plenty of bottled water Battery Operated TVs & Radios
Manual Can Opener Canned Goods
Juices & fluids Canned Meats
Freeze Dried Food Canned Food
First Aid Kits Portable Toilets
Pet Food/moist & dry Pet Toys*
Portable Generator AC Extension Cords
Flashlights & Lanterns Plenty of Batteries
Hand Tools Knives
Crowbars/Pry bars Hammers/Screw Drivers
Ladders Nails/Screws/Bolts
Battery Operated Drills Hand Drills/Hand Saws
Rope Pruning Shears
Lumber/Plywood Hurricane Shutters
Rakes and Shovels Shop Vacuums
Chainsaws & accessories Gas Cans
Heavy Plastic Tarps Plastic Trash Bags
Duct Tape/Masking Tape Paint
Portable Grills Propane
Pails and Buckets Cleaning Supplies
Bleach Coolers for Ice
Fire extinguishers Sump Pumps
Bathtub Plugs Box Fans
Wheelbarrows Mosquito Repellent
Children’'s Toys Solar Lights**

* and be sure to see Hurricane Kit for Pets

. . . and MAYBE NOT THESE . . .

Prom Gown      Top Hat and Tails      Curling Iron      Makeup
**Great idea from an e-mail that has been circulating:
Use solar lights when electric power goes off. Bring in from outside and use jars and bottles to support them. Use small gravel or sand to add weight to the jars and bottles. These are safe to use and much less expensive than alkaline batteries. Recharge them outdoors the next day.

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